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Monday, November 08, 2004

Grace Marzioli posts some interesting numbers from Gallup:

-Voters with high school or less
Percentage of vote-32%
Voted for Bush-46%
Voted for Kerry-54%

But I thought the unwashed, less-educated masses were the Bush voters. No? How about the more educated voters?

-Voters with post-graduate education
Percentage of vote-20%
Voted for Bush-47%
Voted for Kerry-53%

-Voters with college education (no post-grad)
Percentage of vote-15%
Voted for Bush-58%
Voted for Kerry-42%

-Voters with some college
Percentage of vote-33%
Voted for Bush-56%
Voted for Kerry-44%

So Kerry wins the extremes of the educational spectrum. I think that sounds about right.


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