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Saturday, November 06, 2004

I find it very insulting that the Democrats keep trying to figure out why they didn't convey their message better, when the fact is that people like you and me UNDERSTAND their message, and refute it wholeheartedly.

Nothing will ever convince me that I need to rely on the nanny-state to sustain me. Nothing will ever convince me that the federal government was intended to do nothing more than provide infrastructure, defense, and a guarantee for the rights of the individual. Nothing will ever convince me that the intervention of government into markets will ever increase their efficiency or their productivity.

These are the mantras of the left, and I, along with almost 57 million other people in the US, reject them. The sooner the liberal wing of the liberal party comes to terms with this, the sooner they will demarginalize themselves.


.: posted by Dave 7:30 PM

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