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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Phil Fulmer isn't one of the best coaches in the SEC for nothing... I have to hand it to him after leading to the Vols to two very close games that should have been blowouts. The natives are questioning everything... Vandy by 5? Kentucky by 6? Talk about backing into a 9-2 finish... but wait. Hold everything...

I think this is a brilliant ploy on the part of Fulmer. How so? Tennessee has played its best football in one specific situation - as a double digit underdog away from Neyland Stadium. What better way to assure that you will be a 10+ point 'dog than to keep the two worst teams in the SEC as close to you as possible? Can a battered Vols' team go into the Georgia Dome and beat the juggernaut Auburn Tigers and their vaunted running attack? Under normal circumstances, probably not.

But this isn't a normal circumstance. Perhaps Fulmer's plan all along was to take the Vols into Atlanta with no one, and I mean NO one, giving them a chance at winning the game. It's right out of the George W. Bush playbook... lower expectations, and then pounce. Can it happen? Probably not, but who knows? I will certainly be watching at 6 pm next Saturday. And no matter the outcome, a 9 win season, and an SEC East title was WAY more than I expected from this year's team.

Go Vols!

UPDATE: A note to Spencer Tillman of CBS - STFU, OK? Georgia isn't playing Auburn next week for ONE reason. They didn't win against the Vols. There is NOTHING more fair that that. OK? So quit whining, and prepare your crib notes for the game next weekend.


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