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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Amazon.com Customer Support Phone Number:

Tonight, my wife mistakenly ordered me a Christmas gift that someone else had already bought. This gift came from none other than the Internet monolith, Amazon.com. Have you ever tried to cancel an order from Amazon.com? Have you ever searched their website for a phone number? Well, if it's there, it's very well hidden.

Well, I found the number (luckily) and she and her mother managed to cancel the order. I'm sure though that many other people have become frustrated trying to find a contact number for Amazon. A company that size should have more support personnel (especially during the holidays), and should PUBLICIZE THEIR NUMBER!

So, as a public service, I am posting the number so that anyone out there who needs to cancel an order, or simply desires to speak to a live representative, can do so. The number is:

(800) 201-7575


.: posted by Dave 8:47 PM

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