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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Bobby Knight going to coach the Vols?

First, I have to say that I am in the minority on this one it seems (at least from what I have read on blogs and Knoxnews). This would be a monumentally positive move for the university, and would show that they are serious about winning in men's basketball. Going after a second tier coach with little or no credentials won't cut it, unless you are willing to live with mediocrity.

I lost interest in UT basketball after Tony White and Fred Jenkins were out starting backcourt (I followed them some during the Jerry Green years, but only because they were actually winning a few games). During that same timeframe, I followed such powerhouses as Loyola Marymount, UMass, Princeton, and Gonzaga. Why? Because the product they put on the court was worth watching. The Vols, sad to say, haven't been.

You may not like Coach Knight, but he has proven himself, he graduates his players, and he wins games. Furthermore, there are some people that aspire to play for a Coach Knight. Some are afraid he will scare recruits away, but I think the only frightened players will be the Tony Harris-types of the world that know nothing about discipline and team play. We want players who want to win, and a coach that shows the same attitude. Pat Summitt shows that attitude. Bob Knight shows that attitude. And for those who are afraid of a little profanity from the ol' ball coach, you obviously haven't been on the court where the players shout obscenities at one another quite readily. Coach Knight is just what this university's basketball program needs. Heck, if they hire him, I might even give some money to the general scholarship fund, just for ha-has.

MORE: And for those who want to complain about how Buzz Peterson was treated, please keep in mind that this is a business, not a hobby. Buzz was a nice guy, but he didn't get it done. Period. One commenter I read wondered aloud why the kids of two prominent Vol alums (Dale Ellis and Ernie Grunfeld) went to other schools. The answer is that those schools had successful programs, and Buzz wasn't going to help the school turn that corner. When the boosters, the contributors, and the trustees don't have confidence in you, it doesn't matter how nice you are.


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