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Friday, March 04, 2005

Broadcast News:

The debate about indecency standards for cable and satellite programming has led to a resurgence in advocacy for a la carte pricing. While I like the idea of a la carte, it won't matter much as long as technologies like bitTorrent, and Azureus are around.

While they are at it though, let me be one of the first to advocate a la carte pricing for satellite radio. I don't really care much for the salsa channel, or the Eminem channel, or the Elvis channel... give me ten or so channels for $8/month, and let me lock in the price for several years. Then go ahead and raise your prices for consumers who want the whole pie, like XM did this week. XM, incidentally, went in the opposite direction and removed a la carte pricing for its add-on channels, and decided to package the whole deal as one service.

In other areas, XM proved how much savvy it lacks when it lost the rights to NASCAR to Sirius. This market looks like it is playing out as a competition for the ears of talk-sports listeners (Sirius) vs. the ears of music listeners (XM). I am much more the former, so here's hoping Sirius wins this race. However, I would like to see some innovations in the market for the near future:

  • Hardware that allows you to subscribe to your choice of service, if not BOTH.
  • TiVo capability, so that I can listen to broadcasts that I might have otherwise missed.
  • More robust displays that can carry media other than audio. How about transmitting a customizable RSS feed to the display? Now THAT would rock.
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