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Friday, March 04, 2005

"The coming crackdown on blogging..."

Apparently, the FCC wants to extend McCain-Feingold into the internet. News.com's Declan McCullough interviews Bradley Smith of the FEC.

So if you're using text that the campaign sends you, and you're reproducing it on your blog or forwarding it to a mailing list, you could be in trouble?

Yes. In fact, the regulations are very specific that reproducing a campaign's material is a reproduction for purpose of triggering the law. That'll count as an expenditure that counts against campaign finance law.

This is an incredible thicket. If someone else doesn't take action, for instance in Congress, we're running a real possibility of serious Internet regulation. It's going to be bizarre.

2006 should be fun, as I can see the blogosphere reacting en masse as they are told that they cannot link to anything directly attributed to a politician's campaign. The suggestions that I, or any other blogger, cannot post such material because it contributes to a campaign is absurd. Hopefully, the idea is absurd enough that lawmakers will finally throw our McCain-Feingold and return to some sense of sanity.


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