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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I've been staying out of the Schiavo fray intentionally, because it presents a lot of ethical questions that are difficult, and not readily addressed in a single blog post. However, I have the following observations about the matter:
  1. This should make all couples (my wife and I included) realize the value of a living will.
  2. The woman shouldn't have to starve to death. If she's going to die, make it easier on her.
  3. Congress should be ashamed of themselves for jumping on this case. There are many times where political opportunism can be excused. This isn't one of them.
  4. Separation of powers, states' rights, the sanctity of life... these are issues that you should advocate based on the merits of the issues themselves, NOT because you are trying to attain a politically advantageous outcome.
  5. Whomever is responsible for authoring the so-called GOP memo pointing out the political leverage to be gained from this situation should be fired.
My personal belief is that since there is no living will depicting the wishes of Terri Schiavo, and since the parents are willing to take custodianship of her, and since Michael Schiavo has two children and a wife-in-waiting, the best thing to do for all concerned would be for Mr. Schiavo to grant his wife a divorce, and allow the parents to care for their daughter, especially if (IF) there is any (ANY) chance that she might recover. But, my personal beliefs have no bearing.

As a matter of law, I take issue with the precedent being set by Congress with their intervention. And, if Mr. Schiavo isn't willing to proceed as I would suggest, and the courts have found that this is his right as the husband, then I, and others like me, must accept the regretable outcome, because the rammifications of not doing so are more dire than one might think. There is more to this case potentially than just one family, and one life, and that's what makes it so complex. In this situation, only King Solomon could make an optimally wise decision, and we don't have such a person in the modern world.


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