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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Jonah Goldberg on the death penalty as it relates to the shooter in the Fulton County courthouse:

(T)his guy is guilty. There are many witnesses, including this poor woman who was shot in the fact, the pistol-whipped AJC reporter, the dozen or so people in the courtroom who were held at bay etc. Nichols apparently went considerably out of his way -- postponing his escape -- to shoot down a judge. Opponents of the death penalty who make their arguments on procedural grounds -- as opposed to strictly moral or ideological grounds -- need to explain why this man should not be executed. Fine, fine, there may be others on death row somewhere who shouldn't be. Or, there may not be. But none of that is relevant to whether this guy should get what he deserves.

I would like to hear the arguments by the liberal apologists here in Connecticut as to why they think the death penalty is a bad thing for this guy.


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