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Thursday, March 10, 2005

More double entendre from those bilingual nuts at Hershey:

Argentines and Dominicans may do a double take when they see Hershey's new Elegancita chocolate bar and an ad for Kisses being promoted by Mexican bombshell Thalia.

The advertisement, running in People en espanol, features a shot of the songstress about to bite into the Kiss with a slogan boasting "sabor a chocolate blanco con cajeta" (white chocolate taste with goat's-milk caramel). The chocolate bar proclaims it is "Cajeta Elegancita" on the wrapper.

Well, that's the Mexican version of cajeta -- a type of dulce de leche, a very sweet, caramelized condensed milk eaten straight from a tin, drizzled atop desserts or made into candies throughout Latin America.

But in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and the Dominican Republic, cajeta is a vulgar term for a certain delicate part of the female anatomy.


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