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Friday, March 04, 2005

Now That's Customer Service:

A small popping noise, followed by intense burning and the release of a powerful, acrid gas had Rajiv Diwan convinced he'd been shot. Gasping for breath, he worried he also was having a heart attack.

"Now I can laugh about it, but you know, I really thought I was definitely dying. I really thought that was it," said Diwan, who was accidentally given a dye pack along with his cash at a Lakewood, Pierce County, bank Wednesday. After the dye pack exploded in his pants, he had to convince police he hadn't just robbed the Bank of America branch where he's done business for nearly a decade.

But the kicker...

"Obviously, it was a mistake," Diwan said, adding the bank has since replaced the stained bills. He said he wishes someone from the bank would call, just to see how he's doing and to offer "some sort of explanation."

"I want to go back, but if I don't hear from them ... I'm definitely taking my business elsewhere," Diwan said.

Note to bank: when you screw up someone's day, make sure you apologize, lest you be branded inconsiderate.


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