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Friday, March 04, 2005

Oh, the Irony:

Wired's Adam Penenberg writes about the unpopularity of the pop-up ad, only to be innundated with emails:

A stream of reader e-mail has come in, pointing out the irony of a columnist (that's me) criticizing media sites for deploying pop-up ads, only to have his publisher (Wired News) serve up one (for Blockbuster) on this very same column. I hadn't encountered one on Wired.com in the eight months I've been writing this weekly media column, and my editor had assured me the site hadn't used them since even before then.

I'd now like to add Wired News to the list of clueless media sites that rely on pop-up ads for additional revenue but who, judging by the reader reaction, may instead be alienating its audience. The "money side" of the house is investigating the matter.

My apologies.

Funny, but annoying indeed.

Firms are slowly figuring out that these nuisance ads are getting them anywhere, and they are being blocked anyway, so they are going with alternatives, like that annoying dropdown ad on ESPN.com, or audio ads like the one that startled my entire office when I opened the Wall Street Journal Online several weeks ago. I understand ad revenue pays for the content, but haven't any of these companies heard of subtlety?


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