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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Enough Already:

There's been a lot said lately about the filibuster in national politics. I recall President Clinton’s judicial nominees being filibustered in the 90s. That fact alone makes the Republicans very hypocritical right now. Yet, it makes the Democrats equally so.

There should be a single set of rules, played by all, regardless of who happens to be the majority party. That being said, I strongly favor a vote on all nominees. Not stonewalling. Not grandstanding. Just a simple up-and-down vote. And that goes for both parties.

When the Democrats are again the majority party, and it will happen again someday, I expect the Republicans to allow an up-and-down vote, too. Unfortunately, I think that might be too much to expect in the world of bipolar politics.


.: posted by Dave 7:39 PM

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