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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Gripe of the Day:

There's nothing more frustrating to me than being thrown off schedule. Yesterday morning, while embarking on a journey to the local mechanic, I became inexplicably thirsty, and entered a local convenience establishment to procure a 20 oz. soda. Had I been 2 minutes earlier, everything would have proceeded smoothly, but alas, the gods of timing were not on my side.

In front of me as I went to make my acquisition were not one, two or three, but four construction workers, each pondering which lottery ticket scheme they wanted to participate in. Mega-Money? No, we never win that one. PowerBall? Nah, odds are too high. Win For Life? Eh, maybe, but let's check the other THIRTY options. Aaugh!

Finally, after fifteen minutes of listening to the brain trust extoll the virtues of games of chance, they left merrily, conspiring to pool their winnings and rid themselves of their construction job albatrosses. Phthth! Don't quit your day job, boys.


.: posted by Dave 11:49 AM

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