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Thursday, April 28, 2005

IKEA Rant:

I decided several months ago to pick up one of these dining room cabinets for my wife, and she is quite happy with it. However, I was extremely disappointed with IKEA's stupid cartoony assembly guide. It's like having a mime tell you how to assemble something. Egad! I understand they are multinational, and I understand the expense would be higher to produce several sets of instructions, but can't they at least do some user-friendly things like dimensioning the components or shading the sides that should face in and out?

And how about putting guiding holes on pieces that have to be nailed onto others? I had to determine by eye where nails needed to be placed, and damned if I didn't hammer three nails that didn't line up properly. Damn you, IKEA!

That being said, it really is a nice cabinet, and I'm glad the wife likes it. Still, I can't help but wonder if IKEA should take tips from Sauder, who seems to have made an art form out of this sort of furniture.


.: posted by Dave 8:06 PM

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