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Thursday, April 21, 2005

On Flying:

  • I've decided that I would rather fly with an oxygen mask on than to have to deal with the cabin pressure differential. I was deaf for about 1/2 hour.
  • Who said it was okay to pollute the air with pleasantries such as "my toenail specialist just disappeared and so I have to do them myself"? Who cares? At that moment, I wished I was MORE deaf.
  • To the gentleman in front of me: if a 6'2" person is sitting behind you, it's not a good idea to shove your seat into recline position.
  • People should NOT bring 75 lb carry-ons that they can't lift into the overhead bin.
  • $5 for a headset to watch "Oceans 11"? I don't think so.
  • At least the weather in Texas is nice (although one of the people I met there told me about a month of consecutive 106 degree days in 2002...YIKES!)
  • Remind me to NOT drink a whole can of soda on a 2.5 hour flight ever again, especially when going to Detroit, where the runway taxi time is about an HOUR!
  • Cingular Wireless sucks @ 35,000 feet. Can you hear me now? Fat chance.
  • Lunch? A tiny turkey sandwich, some Ruffles, and M&Ms. Hardly a remedy for my hunger, but more than I expected.
  • Northwest from Detroit to Houston serves the aforementioned meal, yet American from Dallas to Hartford, a longer flight during dinner, serves 2 sodas and some pretzels? Something is wrong here.
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