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Thursday, April 28, 2005

One More Rant - Those Wacky IT Security Geeks:

This week, the geniuses who run the security applications on our corporate network decided that it would be a good idea to patch Outlook 2002 with a new service pack. Sounds like a good idea, since it IS a recommended upgrade, right?

Well, here's a little word for you glimmering intellectuals. The newest Outlook patch has a little thing in it called the Object Model Guard. What this is supposed to do is to keep malicious third party programs from exploiting your Outlook client by assuming your identity and sending emails to various users in your address book. What it does in practice is that it bans ALL third party programs from accessing Outlook. That includes Pocket Mirror, the Palm e-mail conduit, and... wait, Outlook itself! So why does this matter to me?

Well, you see, I wrote a nice little plug-in that forwards my email to me on another POP3 server so that I can access it on my PDA. Worked like a dream. That is, until you guys decided that your bright idea of patching all of the Outlook clients was more important than assuring that there were no unintended consequences for doing so. So, hey, thanks for that!


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