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Thursday, April 28, 2005

The People's Republic of Connecticut:

Folks like me tend to worry a lot here in Connecticut when the legislature meets, because one of two things happens - they conspire to raise taxes of some sort, or they try to legislate something stupid. This week, we have been blessed with a not so rare occurence. Both happened simultaneously.

Item #1: New Connecticut Tax Rates Proposed. This sentence stood out to me:

Although Rell has harshly criticized the legislative plans, Democrats say that the two sides are not far apart: Rell has proposed a 7.7 percent spending increase in the first year, while the Democrats are seeking a 9.4 percent increase.

Proof that there is really no difference in these parts between a Democrat and a Republican.

Item #2: Senate Acts to Ban Soda in Schools.

Sigh. What do they think this will accomplish?

I'll tell you what will happen. Some enterprising kids will bring 12 packs to school on a daily basis and sell them for $1 per can. That's about a 300% profit even with the deposit. Not bad for a days work. And shouldn't there be a little attention paid somewhere to personal responsibility? How can we expect kids to make good choices when we don't give them choices to make? Further, you'd think the legislature would have better things to do than ban Coke and Pepsi from school campuses. Maybe if we agreed to the ban, they could dump some legislators, and the savings in salary could be rebated to the taxpayers.


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