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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Reason Number 1,435,988 why my son, and any subsequent children I have will never darken the doorstep of a government school:

On March 9, according to press reports, a developmentally disabled girl told Mifflin school officials that four boys dragged her into the school auditorium, punched her in the head and face, pushed her to her knees, and forced her to have oral sex with two of them. A crowd of students watched and one student videotaped the incident. The 16-year-old girl's lip was bloodied in the alleged gang attack; dazed and crying, her face swollen, she reported the assault immediately to her special education teacher, Lisa Upshaw-Miller.

One monstrosity was piled upon another. When the girl's father, who had been summoned to the school by the teacher, insisted on calling police, an assistant principal twice urged him not to call 911, according to Upshaw-Miller. Assistant Principal Rick Watson implored the girl's father to call the non-emergency police line instead of 911 a violation of Ohio state law because "a news channel might tape his daughter and cause her further mental trauma," according to his statement to school investigators.

Meanwhile, according to witnesses, the school's principal, Regina Crenshaw, shuttered herself in a meeting about bell schedules and curriculum for a half-hour while underlings scrambled to perform damage control.

Cover your ears, cower in a classroom, and pray that the media stay out of it. It's all about the children, right?

Witness statements revealed that none of the administrators bothered to call a nurse to assist the girl. Only after the girl's father called police himself did law enforcement come to the scene. By the time the cops arrived, all of the administrators had gone home for the day.

The principal is now in the process of being fired. The animals accused of assaulting the victim were suspended and may face criminal charges. But two of three assistant principals, including alleged cover-up man Rick Watson, are protesting their measly suspensions over the incident as "unwarranted." Worried as ever about his own hide, Watson said through a lawyer that he hoped to be "spared the public ordeal of a full hearing."

via Michelle Malkin

Unwarranted? A school official tries to coerce the father of the victim in this despicable crime to be silent, and he thinks a suspension is unwarranted? If he had any sense, he would resign and apologize for being such a rotten excuse of a principal. Excuse me, assistant principal.

These sorts of incidents are no longer seen as exceptions. They happen far too often. Our schools have become nothing more than babysitting factories where students are taught moral equivalency instead of moral absolutes. In a world of the latter, the administration would be terminated, the perpetrators would be expelled and criminally charged, and the family of the young girl would be able to move on, knowing that although nothing will ever take away the incident, at least justice was served. Unfortunately, we do not live in that sort of society anymore.


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