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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Run Palm OS apps on your Pocket PC? You can now:

StyleTap has announced the availability of StyleTap Platform for Windows Mobile based Pocket PCs. This exciting new product allows most applications originally written for Palm OS handhelds to run on Windows Mobile-based PDAs.

StyleTap can run many of the thousands of third-party applications written for Palm OS Garnet v5.2 (and earlier) devices. Palm OS Applications appear and operate on a Pocket PC just like native Windows Mobile-based programs. You can even cut and paste between Palm OS-based applications and native Windows Mobile-based applications on the same handheld device.

StyleTap also incorporates unique backwards compatibility features to fully support older applications as well. One such feature allows both newer and older game applications to perform direct screen updates. The product also includes the StyleTap Application Installer, which allows you to easily install third-party Palm OS-based applications from your desktop Windows system onto your handheld.

This would be a great first step for someone like me who wouldn't mind trying some PPC devices, but I don't think I care for the limitations of the software:

(N)o conduits or "hacks" are supported, Bluetooth will not work and any application that directly manipulates Motorola 68000 hardware registers is not supported. However, direct screen writes are supported.

Without Bluetooth support, this particular application wouldn't serve me very well. Maybe someone will figure out how to port VMWare to the handheld world.


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