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Thursday, April 21, 2005

So I've been catching up on my news and contemporary events, and I noticed that two of the primary players for the Tennessee football team have been suspended for assaulting another student, even though the tape of the event in question appears to show that the student threatened the girlfriend of one of the players. It remains to be seen who was the aggressor, but I've been asking myself why the football players were charged, and the student was not. We can continue to maintain that football players should be held to a higher standard (a position that is debatable in and of itself), but as long as that position holds true, drunken students with an ax to grind will continue to seek out these student athletes, trying to prove how "bad" they are. And those "bad" students will get their clocks cleaned, and the student athletes will be suspended or dismissed from the team. It happens every year. It happened when I went to UT. It will happen many more times in the future. At the very least, in ALL cases, the student and the player should be held to the same standard. In many cases, the football player gets off easy. In this case, I wonder if the opposite is not true.


.: posted by Dave 10:23 AM

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