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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tragedy at Southern Adventist University:

It's been a rough year at my alma mater. First, a plane crash that kills several Conference members, and then this morning, this:

An early morning fire in the girls' dorm, Thatcher Hall, has claimed one life, and injured several others. Details are sketchy right now, but it appears the fire started on the third floor near a kitchenette. The deceased student was a 20 year old female from Chicago.

When I was in school there, I remember students talking all the time about fire alarms going off for various reasons. I can't help but wonder why they didn't go off when intended. And did the sprinkler system engage? If not, why not? It will be days before these questions are answered, but right now, they aren't relevant. What is relevant is that we keep the families affected, and the students and faculty of SAU in our prayers.

DONATIONS: Southern Adventist University's Social Work Department is coordinating
clothing donations. Drop off is at Campus Safety. For more information, call
Social Work at 236-2768.

UPDATE: The name of the victim of this morning’s fire is third floor resident Kelly Weimer, a junior English major from Woodridge, Ill. Please say a prayer for Kelly's family in this difficult time.

A community forum has been created to post memories of Kelly Weimer as well as condolences.

MORE: Pictures of the damage can be seen here.

News of the fire has made it even up here into the local Hartford newspaper.


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