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Monday, May 30, 2005

Iwo Jima Monument in Newington, CT.

Today is Memorial Day. Memorial Day has become an extension of the weekend for most, but Memorial Day is much more important than that. Today, the nation honors its military, and those who have so honorably served in it. From the colonial days to modern times, it is our military that has defended us against aggression, and fought for freedom and independence. Today, we honor the sacrifices of these men and women.

On my my uncles was such a man. He was serving in the merchant Marines during the 30s, guaranteeing frieght ships safe passage in the Mediterranean. During a storm, he was swept from the boat, and was lost at sea. His body was never found.

My wife's grandpa is another example. He served as a medic is Austria during the end of the second World War. Fortunately for us, he is still alive and kicking today.

If you know individuals such as these, tip your hat to them. Shake their hand. Smile at them. And thank them for their sacrifices.


  • Visit In Remembrance, a wonderful site dedicated to fallen servicemen and women.
  • Read a relevant book to the occasion, such as One Soldier's Story, by Bob Dole.
  • Go to your town's Memorial Day Parade.
  • Travel to a local monument, such as Connecticut's Iwo Jima Memorial.

  • UPDATE: The Knoxville News-Sentinel has an article about the history of Memorial Day.


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