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Friday, May 13, 2005

Opinari is Moving:

Not the URL mind you (at least not until I finish setting up my own server), but Opinari and family are changing physical locations. As the charter Rocky Top Brigade correspondent in Connecticut, I have to say that it has been a blast. Each day, I have been privileged to be able to laugh at the subtle cultural differences between the Northeast and the South. Also, I have learned some interesting things, such as the definition of "grinder", and the fact that Northeastern drivers are no better at navigating in the snow than Southern drivers are. (I didn't believe it either until I lived here.)

So what is the new destination? Texas. Hot, sweaty, diametrically opposite in culture and climate to the present locale. The assignment? To manage the IT shop for a major manufacturing company supporting over 1200 users, three dozen systems, a dozen legacy databases, and two ERP systems (of which I am aware). Why the move? Lots of reasons, including cultural ones (great music, awesome beef BBQ, and three Chick-Fil-A shops in town as opposed to none in Connecticut), financial ones (pay raise, full relocation, sign-on bonus), and career ones (more responsibilities, ownership of all the IT systems, new implementations of custom systems, etc.)

The only downside really is that I love the people with whom I work, with whom I attend church, and with whom I socialize on a semi-weekly basis. But the upside of moving is much larger than the downside, and besides, we need a new challenge. So in a few weeks, Opinari will say "Hasta la vista" to the P.R.C. and "Hola!" to the Lone Star State. Stay tuned.


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