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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Those Two Magic Words:

Yesterday, I announced on the blog that I will be soon taking a new job in Texas. I've been contemplating this move for several weeks now, most of which have been spent agonizing about the actual decision to go, mainly because I love my current job, and the people there, and we would be faced with yet another uprooting from one place to another. Whenever life changing decisions have to be made, I always ask myself “Is this the right thing?” Until Wednesday, I was sure, but not TOTALLY sure. Well, now I am sure. Why, you ask? My dear wife calls me at 5 pm, asking when I am coming home as is her usual custom. However, in the midst of the conversation was this unmistaken phrase, one that signifies that your life is about to change yet again: “I’m pregnant.”

Yes, those two magic words were all it took to convince me, at long last, that moving to Texas is the right thing for us all. Today, I feel inordinately and undeservedly blessed. I am lucky indeed to have this wonderful wife, this terrific child, and every blessing of prosperity that a man could ever want. To our friends and family, thank you for your support and your prayers. To my few blog readers, I hope I can still find the time to post a few times per week! And to God, thank you for everything you give to me, even though I don't deserve any of it.


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