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Friday, May 27, 2005

What's wrong with the E.U. constitution? Among other things, Tech Central Station's William Niskanen and Marian Tupy write:

(T)he definition of individual rights, as enshrined in the (E.U.) Constitution is deeply problematic. The U.S. Bill of Rights, with one exception, is a list of the rights of individuals against the state, not a list of claims by individuals on services to be provided by the state. The one exception is the right to a trial by jury. In contrast, the EU Constitution includes a list of rights to services provided by the state. The list, for example, includes rights to education, a free placement service, paid maternity leave, social security benefits and social services, housing assistance, preventive health care, services of general economic interest, and high levels of environmental and consumer protection.

In other words, Brussels wants to codify a continental commitment to creating the world's largest welfare state. And this is progress? It's no wonder that even the French are reluctant to ratify such an absurd document.


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