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Monday, June 13, 2005

Am I really supposed to feel sorry for this lady because she spent $5,000,000 that she received after her husband died in the World Trade Center attacks? I mean, I feel for anyone who lost a loved one on September 11, but:

Trant began lavishing gifts on friends and family. She gave her former housekeeper $15,000 to buy a home in El Salvador, she spent $70,000 to take six friends to the Super Bowl and another $30,000 for a trip for 20 to the Bahamas.

She said Dan would have wanted to help others, and he would have liked to improve their home as well. So Trant spent $1.5 million to nearly triple the size of her suburban New York home. She spent $350,000 on the back yard, installing a full basketball court also equipped for volleyball, tennis and Rollerblading, a heated pool and a hot tub.

Wait, there's more...

Trant designed a shrine of her husband's mementos, and put it on display in her new red-white-and-blue den. She added sports memorabilia to her walls, including a Boston Celtics ball autographed by players. Dan was drafted last by the Celtics in 1984, and though he never played for them, he played professionally in Ireland.

Trant also blew millions on frivolous items for herself. Her walk-in closet houses a $500,000 shoe collection, gowns by Versace and Capelli that go for $5,000 each and Fendi and Judith Leiber handbags, also $5,000 per bag.

I'm sorry. I have a hard time seeing this woman as a victim, except where the loss of her husband is concerned. This sounds more to me like a shopaholic who didn't know when to quit, and if I ran up huge shopping bills like that, I doubt I could claim that I had a disorder and get away with it (or, maybe I could, but I sure as heck wouldn't try.)

She should be required to pay this money back, and give it to others who really need it, like orphaned children of September 11th victims, and such. Or hey, where's the G8? Maybe they can demand that she give her extra bucks to Africa to combat poverty.


.: posted by Dave 9:13 PM

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