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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Since Opinari is moving to Texas sometime this week, I thought it would be appropriate to post about some of the goings-on in Texas this week:

  • School funding is at the top of the list, as Governor Perry has vetoed all $33.6 billion spending for schools, and ordered the legislature to "come back and get it right". The challenge of course is to fund the schools when property taxes are skyrocketing, and those same taxes are the primary source of school funding. Can Governor Perry and the legislature fix this problem in 30 days?

    It's doubtful. This has been an ongoing problem for years, and I doubt a quick fix is in order. Still, speaking as one who is leaving a high tax state for a low one, it is far better to have high property taxes and no income tax than to have both.

  • The Governor apparently is also a fan of toll roads, since Texas doesn't have many of them. Fortunately, Governor Perry signed a provision that says voters would have to approve changes of state highways into toll ones. It's nice to see some state governments value the referendum (are you listening, Connecticut?)

  • Kay Bailey Hutchinson has been critical of Rick Perry. Many expect her to toss her Stetson into the ring of Gubernatorial candidates in 2006. The effect of a Hutchinson run would be far-reaching, as opponents will be posturing to run for her current Senate seat if that happens. So will she or won't she? Stay tuned.
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