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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Some folks are upset because a group of Senators have not co-sponsored a lynching apology resolution. I don't think anyone in our government thinks lynching was a good thing, yet it is being suggested that by virtue of not co-sponsoring the resolution, these fifteen Senators are pro-lynching. I find such a suggestion absurd. I would find it equally absurd if a group of Senators resolved to condemn pedophilia, and a group of legislators decided not to be a co-sponsor. The question I keep asking when any resolution of this type comes to the forefront is "What good does this do?"

And what of Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander's position?

Alexander filed a written statement explaining that he preferred another approach, a resolution he filed in February to celebrate Black History Month.

That resolution in part noted the "disgraceful" period of lynchings, and "condemns" them as well as the period of slavery and segregation.

"There is no resolution of apology that we can pass today (Monday) that will teach one more child to read, prevent one more case of AIDS or stop one more violent crime," Alexander's written statement said. "I prefer to look to correct current injustices rather than to look to the past."

Maybe I'm in the minority, but I don't really have an issue with Alexander's position here, although knowing how politicized things can be in Washington, maybe the prudent thing to have done would have been to sign on as a co-sponsor if for no other reason than to end the silly insinuation that by not signing on, you are implicitly pro-lynching.


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