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Monday, August 01, 2005

As a baseball fan I am growing sick of hearing about steroids tainting the game. Even if Orioles' slugger Rafael Palmeiro was "juiced", he still had to put the ball where there ain't no fielder over 3000 times. Do you seriously think steroids make better hitters in baseball? I doubt it. As for questioning his ethics, how about questioning the moral aptitude of two of baseball's leading poster boys for integrity: Ty Cobb (unabashed racist) and Babe Ruth (well known for his lifestyle exploits).

If Cobb and Ruth survive the litmus test, then so should Palmeiro. Although he likely harmed his status as a first ballot HOFer, it is highly doubtful that 3000 hits and 560+ home runs won't get the guy in, steroids or not.


.: posted by Dave 10:24 PM

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