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Friday, August 05, 2005

Why I Hate Nextel:

As I entered the men's room after lunch looking for some much needed... er, relief, I happened upon one of my colleagues, toilet seat cover in one hand, and Nextel phone in the other. As he carefully covered the latrine lid and closed the door to the stall, he decided that this would be the perfect time for an impromptu meeting with one of his subordinates. Enter the infernal chirping of the Nextel walkie-talkie.

    Hey, John.


    Have we shipped those units yet from the 584 line?

    No, I don't see a bill of lading.


    Well, can you let me know if you find it? The distribution center is awaiting their arrival.



Let me be clear. The bathroom is not the place to conduct business... at least, not the kind of business that can be conducted outside the bathroom. Thanks a lot, Nextel.


.: posted by Dave 2:29 PM

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