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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My Next Great Geek Toy:

Last week, MobiTV was rolled out for the Treo 650. Now I can watch CNBC, MSNBC, FOX, CSPAN, and ESPN on my Treo.

My first impression is that this software is more akin to streaming video than broadcast video. The picture quality is somewhat pixellated, and choppy. The sound is much more clear than a typical Real or Windows Media transmission, but still not the type of quality I would expect from a 3G service. The quality does improve when I am closer to a Cingular tower, but still not to the level that I expect.

The channel selection is limited to news and political geeks (like me!) with some nominal entertainment content thrown in, such as a cartoon and a comedy channel. Mainly, I have been using the software to watch the Roberts' confirmation hearings in my office. I doubt that I will be using it to watch the latest colloquy from Jon Stewart.

It is a good first pass attempt at bringing broadcast TV content to handheld devices, but I'm not yet sure that it's worth the $9.99/mo. price. However, for the time being, the "wow" factor, and the hope that they will improve the bottleneck that causes intermittent interruption in transmission, will keep me as a paying customer.


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