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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Regarding my post last night that asked what crime was committed, and asserted that the Fitzgerald investigation was nothing more than a waste of time, I should note that I feel exactly the same way about Clinton-Lewinsky. It was ultimately just a big waste of America's time and money, and I would like to see these "special prosecutions" disposed of somehow. Nothing good comes of them, except to make one side of the political aisle feel better about themselves at the expense of the other side.

Is the nation better off because of Clinton/Lewinsky? No. Will it be better off because of Libby/Plame? Not a chance.

My point is that a crime was not committed in Plamegate because Valerie Plame was not a covert operative within the CIA. Her identity was known. There has been ample evidence of that. The alleged crimes were committed by Libby in the sense that his testimony differs from the testimony of three reporters. If he knowingly deceived the grand jury, that is indeed a crime, just as Clinton's perjury was.

But the investigated crime (outing a covert agent) is not being alleged by the prosecution and it's unfortunate that the media seems intent on pinning a non-existent charge on Libby as well. Without those specious allegations, Plamegate would never have happened at all, and to me, that is the real crime here.


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