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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Vols 75, Wildcats 67. At Rupp Arena. Enjoy it while it's still fresh. The Vols have had good teams and bad teams go into Rupp, and their record was 3-27. WAS 3-27. Make that 4 wins now.

Will this be the magical season of Vol basketball? Definitely. I think this season already is one of the most magical in Vol history. The previous "magical" season was 1979, and that was mainly because we beat Kentucky not once, not twice, but THREE times. This season is such a joy because it was wholeheartedly UNEXPECTED by everyone who wears the orange and white (with the possible exception of the kids on the team, but I doubt even they imagined this).

When I think of this team and their style, I think of the Marymount team in the 90s that played non-stop, end to end, relentless basketball. No one wanted to play them, and they damn near made the Elite 8 that year. The Vols have that same aura.

But you know, even if they don't go that far, so what? What an amazing season, and I hope the Vol Network puts together a DVD as soon as April rolls around. I'll bet it sells more copies than there will be people sitting in Neyland Stadium for the Orange and White game.


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