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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dual-booting a Mac with XP? Yep. It’s called “Boot Camp” and it’s the next great thing from Apple. Thus, Apple now has the only machine capable of booting OS X, XP, Unix, and Linux.

As a developer, project manager, and programmer, I’ve said for a long time that a multifunction device would be great. I’ve used VMWare to accomplish this to some extent, but not in the Mac world. Macs just don’t play with PCs. Well, they DIDN’T until now.

How does this look for the long term? It makes Jobs look like a genius. It makes my portfolio look fat, with Apple stock increasing by a healthy 8%. It means that dedicated PC users will be buying Macs, and deciding for themselves which OS works best for their needs. And it makes “Write Once, Run Anywhere” a distinct possibility for the near future.

I’ve avoided the Macs like the plague, not because they aren’t good devices, but because they locked me into the Mac OS, and my world revolves around Windows and dot NET. Well, it looks like this set of circumstances is going to lead me into getting a Mac, for the novelty, if nothing else. And it’s the hobbyists like me that Apple is targeting. And I guarantee this is going to make them a good chunk of change.

The public beta is available here.


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