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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

This weekend was so busy, I neglected to post anything about Memorial Day. (Of course, neither did Google, who always seems to change their logo based on whatever day it is.) Anyway, between the edge trimming, the cooking, the mowing, the fertilizing, the quarreling with fire ants and spiders, the sweating, and the relaxing with my wife and kids, I just had to do something that meant something for Memorial Day. For me, that meant putting up a flag with my two-year old.

The picture you see here is the result. I want my kids to understand not only the significance of that flag, but the price that is paid for defending the tenets and principles for which it stands. Freedom. Honor. Glory. We don't hear enough about those concepts these days.

Well, my son heard about the flag, and about the brave soldiers who defend this country. How much he retains is anyone's guess. I can confirm that he knows the colors of the flag. And he knows his Daddy swells with pride when thinking about the military, and what they represent. All in all, it was a great Memorial Day.

And if you haven't already, thank a soldier for their service to this nation. They need to hear it.


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