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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Anti-Green Thumb:

It's hot here in Texas. Mighty hot. People say that the growing season is long, and lawns, with the proper care, can be lush and green. Well, I wouldn't know. That is, except for my neighbor's lawn which looks like a piece of artificial turf.

I just don't get it. I applied the recommended amount of weed-and-feed to the lawn at the proper interval. I water the area the same duration as everyone else. I fertilized when growing season started. I mow and trim and pull weeds and...


It just isn't happening for me. I've been on this property for 11 months. The lawn still looks like a splotchy montage of yellow, brown, and green. The shaded areas are lush. The areas that get sunlight are... well, not. I suppose that means I should put St. Augustine sunscreen on my sod, but I doubt it will help any.

I have a theory though. I think my neighbor is benefitting from my irrigation techniques because his lawn is below mine. I theorize that my water is just running off into his lawn. That's got to be it.


Oh, and don't get me started about my tree. Apparently the builder uses hired help instead of a landscaping company to do the planting. Nearly a year later, my tree in the front yard resembled the old Christmas tree from the Peanuts' special. Well, the wife and I decided not to rely on the builder to replace it. We picked up a nice, robust pecan tree and planted it with care.

Will it grow? Given my track record, likely not. I'm guessing I'll be looking at a vertical post protruding from my yard, sans leaves, of course. If I wasn't so cheap, I'd hire a professional.

Green thumb. Bah. Who needs one?


.: posted by Dave 9:40 PM

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