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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Darwin Award for Avians:

A funny thing happened to me on the way to work this morning. Alongside the highway, there was a large pile of roadkill of some sort, probably a deer. As I moved into another lane to avoid it, I glanced up and saw what was freakishly similar to the scene in “The Birds” where Tippi Hedron ducks into a phone booth to escape the avian onslaught. Making a beeline for the breakfast venison was a large crow, obviously famished to the point of distraction. His focus on his entrée was such that he failed to notice a rather ample sized pickup truck being guided by none other than yours truly entering his airspace.

Before I knew it, my windshield was introduced to the feathered beast. The scene was initially unnerving, seeing a creature collide with my window at a speed of at least 75 MPH (accounting for the fact that I did not even attempt to slow down, and the bird likely had a WTF moment and tried to slow down or swerve my vehicle). After regaining my composure after a few seconds, I looked back to see the crow launch into the air limply and plop down directly on top of his intended meal.

I checked the windshield, and there was no visible damage, so I continued on my way. A mile or so up the road, some cracker in an SUV decided to honk at me and give me two thumbs WAY UP. I can only assume making crows look like idiots is some sort of sport in these parts.


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