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Thursday, June 22, 2006

More IT Antics:

So we have a remote site in Alabama. They have a production schedule that ties into ours. Their production front-end application ties into our SQL Server. Hundreds of units per hour run through this system.

Our network requires both Novell and Windows authentication. Novell serves as, among other things, the controller for the domain. Remove Novell from your client machines, and you cannot access the network, ergo the database, ergo the production schedule.

For some unknown reason (I’m blaming some sort of religious epiphany), the sysadmin at the remote site, someone who obviously is overpaid and underqualified, decides that Novell is taking too much space on the client machines. So he/she/it removes the Novell client.

Bye, bye, network access.

Sayonara, database access.

Arrivederci, production schedule.

Idiots. If you can’t trust remote sites with desktop support, who can you trust? If this person was my son, and this was how he drove my car, I would lock the vehicle up in the garage and bury the keys in the backyard. Hell, I might even consider locking my son up in the garage.

Sigh. Today has been a day of repairing other people’s mistakes. The end of the day cannot come soon enough.


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