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Thursday, June 22, 2006

The most special time of my day is evening time, when I put my oldest son to bed. Each night, we read a few of his favorite stories, usually Clifford, Bob the Builder, Me and My Dad (my personal favorite), etc. Then we pray, usually for our family, his grandparents, and sometimes someone unexpected, like the dog, or an uncle.

Following that, we sing songs. "Jesus Loves Me" is almost always selected. This week, he started singing it himself, and he knows almost all the words, although he inevitably begins the song singing "Jesus loves me, yes and no." Heh. Then I put him down, cover him up, and tell him that I love him.

I don't know if other people have as much fun putting their kids to bed as I do mine. If they don't, that's too bad, because I always walk away smiling. It seems to make the stresses of the whole day melt away.

Ironically, I used to pray that God would give me the wisdom to show my son how to be a good Christian. It turns out that in reality, my son is showing me how to be.


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