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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

NBA Finals:

Well, since I’m a Texan now, I was really pulling for the Mavs to pull it out, but it didn’t happen. I’m simply going to make a few remarks about the series and then leave it at that.

  • First of all, the NBA will never, ever, allow a Mark Cuban owned team to win a title if it can prevent it. I just believe that to be true. The guy says what he thinks, takes his medicine (fine), and goes on from there. Many in the Lone Star state are embarrassed by Cuban. I’m not. I think he has a point, and it’s frustrating not to be heard.

  • Which gets me to my second point. How badly does  the NBA want Dwyane Wade to be the next MJ? Badly enough that he got every possible call in the series. The number of foul shots this guy got was not only insane, but downright scandalous.

  • Pat Riley. I’m not sure how great a coach he is, but I know one thing. He knows how to play the system. His offensive scheme is lethargic, and predictable. But that translates to wins in today’s NBA, especially if you can get to the line disproportionately.

  • One final observation. I don’t really follow the NBA. I only watched a few games this season, and the NBA finals showed me exactly why I no longer watch. Not since Bird and Magic, The Doctor and Moses have I cared to watch much of what is called professional basketball these days. If only we could go back to that era.


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