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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Why Olbermann Should Go Back to Doing SportsCenter:

There is a reason Keith Olbermann’s MSNBC show maintains its lowly place as the “Cable Show More Americans Avoid Than Any Other”.

From the Media Research Center:

Olbermann uses his podium to attack his non-liberal media competitors, especially FNC host Bill O’Reilly, whom Olbermann disparages as "the big giant head" or "Ted Baxter," the dim anchor from The Mary Tyler Moore Show. O’Reilly has been a target 42 times; in contrast, Olbermann has only badmouthed Saddam Hussein twice, most recently on Friday after learning that the ex-dictator’s "hunger strike" actually amounted to skipping only a single meal.

O’Reilly 42. Saddam 2.

When you air a segment ingeniously entitled “Worst Person in the World”, you really should consider your nominees better, even if your audience is mostly liberal.


.: posted by Dave 4:43 PM

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