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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Voting His Conscience:

There are very few things I miss about Connecticut. My friends, the memories I have there, and my old job are just a few. One of the non-personal things I miss about the Nutmeg State is Joe Lieberman. Lieberman has never been one to give fiery motivational speeches. His antics are largely subdued and matter-of-fact. His politics sometimes lean more to the left than I would like.

However, I trust him as a statesman. I believe he has good, sound, rational judgment. I believe we need more Congressmen like him in Washington, even if they vote in ways I wouldn’t.

Today, Senator Lieberman voted against both of the Senate bills designed to establish a timetable for withdrawal of American troops from Iraq. The Senator did so despite being in the extreme minority of Democrats on the issue. Furthermore, he did so all the while knowing his political future could be in jeopardy. Lieberman is being challenged by a pacifist candidate this election year. Many of his supporters are even trying to convince him to run as an independent because they fear he may lose the Democratic primary.

Still, Joe votes against the conventional wisdom of his party.

“I fear this amendment would not just underline the message the Iraqi leadership has clearly already received, accepted and shares - that America's military commitment to Iraq is not open-ended and unconditional. I fear that it would also send another message to our terrorist enemies and to the sectarian militias in Iraq, that America is not prepared to see this fight through until the Iraqis themselves can take over.

The war in Iraq, whatever one thinks of how we got there, is now a war of necessity, a war we must help the people of Iraq win or the security of we the people of America, our children and grandchildren, will be gravely endangered.”

Were I still residing in Connecticut, I would most certainly vote for this man. And, I believe that the citizens there would do themselves a great disservice if they do not re-elect him. Truly, the Congress needs more Liebermans and less Kerry-Feingold-Kennedys.  


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