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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

On a Lighter Note:

A funny thing happened to my office mate as he was “doing his business” this morning. As he was redeploying his trousers, his wrist became entangled with his belt, resulting in his entire mobile phone and its sheath dislodging from its perch. While this was going on, my friend was engaging the flushing mechanism on the toilet. Now, gravity being as it is, and the trajectory of the falling digital communication device being as it was, there was no way to avoid the inevitable entry of the gadget into the basin. My co-worker therefore stood by, pants in hands, watching his communications lifeline slink away into an oblivion of aqueous sewage. His phone was no more.

I’ve been trying for months to come up with a way to avoid useless tech support calls. I think the above method is the best I’ve seen yet.


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