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Friday, July 28, 2006

Sony’s e-Book Reader:

I just recently read a review of the Sony Reader on Knoxviews, and I thought I’d throw in my $0.02.

I buy about 3-4 e-books per month and I will never again buy a paper book unless it is just not available in electronic format. If you value quick delivery, portability, and search functionality, I highly recommend e-books.

However, if it says Sony on it, and it in any way involves digital rights management (just like Bubba mentioned in the post), then I'd stay away from it. Much like Apple with their iTunes scheme, Sony limits portability to other devices. After the Sony rootkit fiasco, I know I won't soon be touching another Sony product anyway.

I prefer to get my e-books from eReader, and I read them on my Treo device, although, I should add, I am not limited to the Treo. I can read eReader books on my desktop PC if I so choose. Also, the extra functionality of PDF, RSS, MP3, HTML, etc. is already there (in addition to MP4, W4V, DivX, MPG, and a host of other media formats).

I wasn’t aware that the Sony device has such a huge lag with turning pages, or that it suffered in the battery department. Those are two bugs (or are they features?!) that would drive me away from the device too. And why pay $400 for a device with such limited functionality?

My assessment: Sony fumbled the PDA ball when they stopped making the Clie, and they haven't been able to enter the music device arena successfully yet, so this is their attempt at linking portable devices to DRM-enabled content. While this business model makes tons of money for Apple, I don't see it being the same for Sony. Chalk this device up in the same genre as the Betamax. Dead on arrival.


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