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Saturday, July 22, 2006

There’s lots of rhetoric flying around regarding the Lebanon situation. Certainly, I don’t find it useful to consult the mainstream media for information or useful opinion. But one man who has earned the trust of this reader is Michael Totten, who has been blogging from Lebanon for quite awhile now.  What does Michael think about the current crisis?

The people of both Lebanon and Israel have my deepest sympathies. The Israelis do not deserve to be bombed by Hezbollah, and the Lebanese do not deserve to be bombed because of Hezbollah.

Hezbollah, though, deserves every last bomb that lands on their heads. There is a special circle in Hell dedicated to terrorists who hijack countries and use civilian populations as human shields. Hassan Nasrallah is using some of my personal friends as human shields, and for that I hope he dies twice.

Lest we start to believe the meme that Israel is a mean bully who responds disproportionately to a measly couple of soldiers being kidnapped, keep in mind who they are fighting with and why. Israel is not the bad guy. Lebanon is not the bad guy. Hezbollah and Islamic terrorism is.


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