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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Virginia, The Nanny State:

We all have what are hot-button issues to us. War. Terrorism. Bush. For me, it’s the freedom to choose. Not the choice that NARAL trumpets, but the freedom to choose how to spend my money, how to worship my God, and how to raise my kids.

So when I read about things like this, I get pretty angry:

Juvenile court Judge Jesse E. Demps has ruled that the boy must undergo chemo as prescribed by his doctors, and that his parents were being neglectful by supporting his decision, so they must continue to share custody with the county Social Services bureau.

God help us if I have to delegate every choice of responsibility to the state.

I’m not really sure how I would handle that, because I am so infuriated when people or institutions tell me how to care for my children. Like the parents referenced above, I am very responsible where my kids are concerned. I want the best for them. The problems arise when what I think is best conflicts with what the state thinks is best.

So allow me to put myself in their shoes. Would I force my son to endure chemo if his improvement was nominal at best? Not likely. Would I introduce him to alternative treatments? Probably so. I know of several. What would my response be? I don’t know really, but I’d likely bolt from Virginia before they made a decision to rescind my God-given parental rights.

This story makes me angry at Americans for allowing the state to assume so much control over their lives. It makes me angry at bureaucrats who consider themselves omniscient and infallible. And it makes me sad that a loving family has been fractured and demonized by a flawed system.

I keep trying to tell myself that even our Founding Fathers noted that certain rights are given to us by God. Apparently, Virginia (where many of the Fathers were born, ironically) thinks parenting isn’t one of them. That is a travesty that I can only hope an appellate court will rectify.


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