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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bye Bye Mobile ESPN:

Yes, that’s right. Mobile ESPN has been terminated as of the end of 2006.

Mobile ESPN was a bad idea, a niche market within a niche market. Techies and sports don’t always mix – I’m proud to claim myself as a fan of both. Techies who are willing to fork out bucks to carry around on-demand sports content are few and far between. Even I didn’t succumb to the Mobile ESPN craze.

So what would have drawn me to a Mobile ESPN subscription? How about allowing me to view the content on my choice of mobile device? I certainly was not willing to buy a broadband phone when I already have a Treo 650. Perhaps podcasting Sportscenter for a subscription fee? I already listen to some ESPN podcasts, such as PTI. I might pay a small fee for a portable version of Sportscenter for me to watch in the morning. But exorbitant pricing coupled with forced conversion to new hardware? That’s just a bad business model. And that’s why I didn’t buy into ESPN Mobile, and thousands of other sports fans didn’t either.


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