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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

From the NRO this morning:

One thing I want to be clear on is that this isn't the apocalypse and al-Qaeda is not going to take over the Middle East in 2 years but that they will make a great deal of headway there if the US is emasculated in the interim as a result of domestic politics, particularly if the legislative branch now treats the executive as though it is part of an enemy state.

I’m very interested in how cooperative the legislative and executive branches are going to be regarding foreign policy in the Middle East. “Creative redeployment” is obviously not going to deter terrorism worldwide or despotism in the region. Yet, as far as I can tell, that is the only policy alternative I have seen from the Democrats.

I’m hearing the John Murtha will be heading the committee for Military Appropriations. Knowing his personal beliefs about the war in Iraq, will this mean that the House will simply refuse to fund any initiatives by the Bush Administration for the war? As the post above asks, will the President simply be treated as a hostile enemy, or will there actually be some effort to win this war instead of running away from an obviously volatile, and historically important event in the history of our civilization?

Only time will tell.


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