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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

They’ll Never Learn:

I just heard that none other than blogger-hater/pork-lover Trent Lott has been voted in as Minority Whip, and by a single vote no less.

What does this tell the voting public? This tells us that the Republicans learned nothing from the 2006 midterms. This tells us that the Republicans are not taking their constituents seriously. This tells us that we’re more for “business as usual” than “reform and regroup”.

It is these exact types of things that could lead the GOP to exile in the political wilderness for some time. They need to wake up and see that Americans are tired of the corruption, the earmarking, and the willful ignorance of the electorate. Voting for establishment-types like Lott shows they have learned nothing.


.: posted by Dave 2:35 PM

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